Originally planted as a seed of experience and journey with K Sea Ya's self-initiation through art, over time, the seed has sprouted into Artcura Lab which includes many laboratories at first at home in San Francisco receiving more than 500 visitors and 30 artists and mentees sharing experiences from 2015-2019.  


In the midst of the challenges of our global scenario of 2020's, we introduce Artcura Creative Incubator 2.0 including the presence of contributors from the North and South Americas knitting our web of Lights to a future of Healing Arts and creative economy.

With our processes with Artcura Incubator, we emphasize the importance of the beginner's mind to unfold human potentials and to possibly offer a contribution, on restoring a sense of being, aligned with the transformations and shifts we all meet in the XXI century.

Together our goal is to ignite our creative potentials to restore life, ethical codes, relationships, and potentially our ecosystem, from individuals to small groups with a global vision and awareness of the interconnectedness of all things. As the foundations and roots of artcura, our container is a transcultural, intergenerational and no-sectarian, homed at the two sides of America: North and South, and India, with transmissions in Portuguese and English.



A Team of selected independent artists and educators aligned and sharing a purpose -

to co-create an environment within a set of Ethical codes and with art as a tool to support a thriving system to the benefit of individuals as of the planet. Together, with the beginner's mind, we incubate practices that supporting discoveries and transmission of the same set of codes we learn with.  We are united by an ethical code, no sectarian but mostly anchored by Buddism and The perennial philosophy. 

We aim to nurture our relationships, and expressing healing in those relationships among the creative act.

We are artists, teachers, writers, healers, and educators, suggesting and catalyzing with our offerings, some guidance for a synergetic movent to happen which catalyze experience and healing.



To empowers an attitude that contributes to global synergy and human interconnection. 

To imbue reciprocal exchange without losing the opportunity to practice Generosity as the perfection and beauty of the mind.

To Embrace Compassion as a basic human quality that needs to be remembered and practiced.

To learn collaboration instead of competition. 

To Tune in inspiring inner values, nurturing the inner child with a sense of playfulness, and discovering a wise inner compass

To tune out exhaling with the cycles of nature, aware of environmental changes, and reframing our concepts and consumption needs- connecting our innate ability to live in a supportive relationship to humans and to the ecosystem, and with the ability to respond to crises offering a new outlook. 

To learn and practice the Eightfold path, recognizing through experiences The four noble truths and sustaining a practice of the 10 paramis and perfections of mind. 



As we tune to the breath decreasing levels of stress and restore the body from negative emotions,  we realize the body is home and an extension of a diverse ecosystem connected with the cosmos. This understanding requires cognition to a new level of individual awareness in a relationship of reciprocity in the co-creative web of life.

We seek to expose ourselves and individuals who reach us, to this new level of seeing, with an expression engaging local and global activities with non-sectarian, intergenerational, cross-cultural approaches. 

Our goal is to create a coherent, sustainable system and synergetic intelligence while generating healthy interactions, sustainable values, and a creative economy with multiple forms of exchange of tangible and intangible values.


We Facilitate online and in-person practices and guidance for individuals and groups. 

We offer therapeutic protocols and classes for nurturing and healing routines.

We promote creative resources for Rites of Passages for all life and relationship transitions. 

We support artists to ignite and unblock the flow of creativity with creative mentorship programs in Portuguese and English.

We prescribe beauty as medicine to Nihilism, unhealthy consumerism, and materialism detrimental to the ecosystem. 

image from K Sea Ya Salt Garden Installation at Embryo Lab 2016 /Voice and meditation created by Alessandra Causse

"Visually beautiful, and the sense of inside and out, both of the home but also my own body.

I felt safe but also excited, curious, a bit dangerous/unknown--the heart, the fish!"

- House as a Mirror Exhibition visitor


“House as a Mirror was an opportunity to experience impermanence and to come

to realize what is happening every moment in a home, as opposed to at a far away retreat center."

- House as a Mirror: Conjunction Bath participant   


“Spaciousness, and combination of art plus meditation. Brilliant!"

- House as a Mirror Exhibition visitor