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Our intention is to promote reeducation on seeing and awareness of the healing qualities of space in the relationships of the ways we inhabit it. 

Learn how to create and support a healthy ecosystem of your home and workspaces,  including the principles of synergy, harmony, and reciprocity to support the growth of individuals and collectively. 

You will learn some of the fundaments of:

-Magnetic fields and the interactions of opposites such as negative and positive space, visible and invisible, animate and unanimated, insight and outlook.

-How to establish new Rituals and Routines. 


-Fundaments of Wabi-Sabi aesthetics and Philosophy


-The interactions and exchange of the five elements in space. 


-  Sensorial awareness of space.


- Some of the scientific researches related to healing spaces, illnesses, and stress.


-How to set a space for connection


- Decluttering, repurposing, and rebirth: The rites of passage in space.