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K Sea Ya

Integral: the word means to integrate, to bring together, to join, to link, to embrace. Not in the sense of uniformity, and not in the sense of ironing out all the wonderful differences, colors, zigs and zags of a rainbow-hued humanity, but in the sense of unity-in-diversity, shared commonalities along with our wonderful differences. And not just in humanity, but in the Kosmos at large: finding a more comprehensive view - a Theory of Everything (T.O.E) - That makes legitimate room for art, moral science, and religion and doesn't merely attempt to reduce them all to one's favorite slice of the Kosmic pie.

    And of course, if we succeed in developing a truly holistic or integral view of reality, then we will also develop a new type of critical theory - that is, a theory that is critical of the present state of affairs in light of a more encompassing and desirable state, both in the individual and the culture at large. The Integral Paradigm will inherently be critical of those approaches that are, by comparison, partial, narrow, shallow, less in compassing, less integrative.

(Ken Wilber, A Theory of Everything)

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