(a nest)

<a shell>

/a shelter/

 a refuge



  Healing spaces


CASA means home /CURA means healing


Casa Cura is a holistic and integrative practice focused on healing spaces. Created by Kecya Felix to support individuals and families on the creation of a purposeful, joyful and exciting home, living or working spaces. 


This is a one by one work and Know-how practice where you will be supported by Kecya, where she will guide you in a series of integrative practices to envision or/and create your space. Casa Cura healing spaces is developed with the intention of supporting individuals to go further with the understanding of how space can engage in healing and growth.  


Kecya believes home is an active practice of creativity, nurturing our lives and the spaces we habit.   With a practical understanding of how nature and its elements are present in our daily routine and how they can be recognized and organized in a way to enhance the experience of being, and actively creating your space of the home or work to promote connection, mindfulness, and growth. 


Casa Cura healing spaces is the art of nesting elevated to a practice to increase your wellbeing, and it has its foundations in various educational and holistic practices and experiences, such as Montessori educational spaces, mindfulness practices, the art of composition, and Artcura practices and labs where Kecya has led and experimented recreating and adapting those practices to her living and home. 




Home is my prayer and my refuge.

Kecya Felix