For many years, I’ve been exploring my home as a creative laboratory. Intimacy and daily life are where I draw inspiration.  I look to new ways art can support the healing of systems, on individual and collective levels.  Artcura practices today are about understanding the invisible fields of energy that connect, feed, and promote exchange.  I consider myself a student of universal laws for the co-creation of new possibilities in the cosmos, starting from a microcosmos I am part of. 

  A wall, a jar, a glass, a room, a set of rules, the vessel of the body - Memories, and substances in continuous exchange with the environment.  


We are living in times where all social and environmental norms are being stretched and disrupted. The containers are exposed and broken. And a new form is unfolding from the core of energetic chaos.

All living systems inform what I do. How I do, is a choice to be made. Exercising a watching-listening perspective, I learn about the inter-relational nature of mind and matter.


How can I create a fair exchange with the environment I am living in and depending upon? 

 My life surely does not depend only on what I can create, but what I create can be offered and for the benefit of others. I look for progress connecting with those principles of life. The form and aesthetics become secondary. 

The materials I choose to work promote reflection with the possibilities to expand the ready-made forms like glass vessels, stones, mirrors, and other objects I find along the way. The bonding elements, of salt, and bee’s wax, natural resins, and magnets are reinventing new lines and revealing possibilities in each piece.  I like to think about a nonbinary aspect of the object or the room I am working on, integrating sides and levels. When composing space, I observe the placement of each object and the relationship with one another.  It is like a fifth-dimensional canvas to be felt in the many layers of body and mind’s perception.  In a controlled environment, a specific energetic field can be cultivated from where I learn from, engaging healing and integration purposes. 

As a multimedia artist, I wish to create a new relationship between the body and space.  It all starts from daily practices, refining sensory perception.


I am the continuity of many who came before and those who are developing fields of healing and the art of living in the now.  Abstract arts, the Brazilian new constructivist movement, performance, kinetic movement,  earlier on the origins of our ancestor's rituals, and healing art practices are some of the foundations of my thinking. Those are the fields that I find resonant and inspirational. Creativity can be a human response expanding the morphogenic memory of the universe and its possibilities. It is a constant act of exchange, collaboration, learning, and integration. For my audience, I offer a continuation of this relationship with care to inspire total immersion and awakening of sensory perception, and beyond. 


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