In contemplation of intimacy and daily life, I meet with my inspiration. I look to new ways art can support and healing systems, from individual to collective levels. I often seek a quiet space to work in solitude, in my home studio, or outdoors in the natural environment. Collecting, assembling, composing with nature I blow life into the dead bones that came across in life cycles. 

To make a living with art is a challenge I am aware of, but somehow, art pointed a way to restore my life.  

Artcura is a space for practice more than anything else for learning a set of ethical values, developing virtues, finding my dead bones to restore life.  Living in reciprocity with community and environment is my aim. With art, I also like to observe and play with the fields that connect, feed, and promote exchange and a sense of belonging. In that way,  I am a student of the natural laws, the dharma. 

A wall, a jar, a glass, a room, a set of rules, the vessel of the body, memories, and substances in continuous exchange with the environment resulting in something. Art can also be seen as a container for motion, emotion, and story. It is also an opportunity for experiencing a location and interaction between the participants in it. I am interested in those experiences.

We are living in times where all social and environmental rules are being stretched and disrupted. The containers are exposed, broken, and reset. I wish to offer a contribution creating from the real relationship of reciprocity from this moment, from the way I perceive and I receive information. New forms are unfolding from the core of this energetic chaos. I like to realize them and compose with them. All living systems inform what I do. Exercising a watching-listening perspective is important to observe the inter-relational nature of all things we experience beyond the five senses.

How can I create a fair exchange with the environment I am living in and depending upon?

My life surely does not depend only on what I can create, but what I create can be a way to live, and for my benefit, equally to others. I look for progress connecting with those principles of life.
Beyond a closed narrative, I wish to create a new relationship between the story I am telling myself and others, listen to the messages coming alive. It all starts from daily practices, refining sensory perception, revealing in the process. Generally, it is slow progress, but steady.
I feel like the continuity of many who came before and those who are developing fields of healing and the art of living in the now. Abstract arts, the Brazilian constructivist movement, performance, kinetic movement, earlier on the origins of our ancestor's rituals, and healing art practices are some of the foundations of my thinking. It never ends... Those are the fields that I find resonant and motivates me to pursue and experience.

K Sea Ya

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