Installation art, "presencing" ritual theater performances, videos, photographic records, and a series of objects that combine medicinal and sensory qualities make my work an active embodiment, contemplative, and subjective response to the nature of change.

By integrating the practice of the Dharma of all things, I develop an attentive perception of reality as it is. In addition, I set my skills in recognizing the body as a receiver and active participant in transforming the environment I inhabit, allowing the alchemy transmutation as contact with the reality experienced with consciousness.

Body-mind is a liminal space that informs the creative-life process, where I work facilitating and incorporating art and its processes, restoring natural healing capacities. 

I exercise integrity "being" with the original consciousness that restores subjectivity and poetry to life in all media. The process has no aesthetic end in itself. Still, it seeks to accommodate imperfections, the passage of time, the possibilities of decomposition, composition, and the ephemeral of organic poetry, where the thread of time and the plot of discoveries of aesthetic forms and the beautiful are constantly evolving.
Artcura is an ecosystem informed by integral arts.

K Sea Ya