Cellula Extension

Cellula Extension

  • This is not a full necklace. Not a Kit, only the single extension.
  • Size 4,5 inches
  • if not customizing the piece come with Rose Quartz and no metalic lamination included on magnectic closure. 
  • 100% Hand-made in California 

    99% Organic and natural compostable material

    Contains: Eucalyptus seed pods, driftwood, magnetic closure, essential oils, beeswax, natural resins, gemstone 10mm


  • This extension piece fits all T.E Necklaces from all collections. Look at collections and choose what necklace fits you better. 


  • The Extension can be customized with: One Gemstone color variation,  metalic foil.
  • You can use Terpene booster Oil on your extension. Do not come as a Kit. 



  • How to take care

    How to take care

    • Avoid heat or direct sun exposure.

    • Store it hanging or inside of a bag.

    • Avoid contact with water or high humidity.