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Ecdysis:  T. E Driftwood Collection

Unique Driftwood individual pieces, as shown, not reproduced.

Terpene Embrace Necklace + kit 5ml BoosterGender Neutral



Necklace length 21 in

Driftwood: 4 X 2,2 inches with 0.4 inches depth

Color: rich warm earth, light white and green tones. Copper lamination (gold effect) 

Driftwood is coated in 100% natural plant resins and bee's wax. 


Terpene Embrace Necklace with magnetic closure

  • Cotton Bag 
  • Gift packing

Booster kit with:

  • 5 ml Eucalyptus Globulus Booster Blend

  • 2 application brushes

  • Education cards


100% Hand-made in California 

99% Organic and natural compostable material

Contains: Eucalyptus seed pods, driftwood, magnetic closure, essential oils, beeswax, natural resins, Copper


  • Return Policy

    Please contact us via email and give us 48 hrs to return your email. 

    We care for all our customers. We are a small business and have a very small production. All pieces are carefully hand-made.

    Please check the info on how to take good care of your piece and ensure it's a healthy life. Terpene Embrace is a bio-living artwear made from organic materials. The sizes of the pods and colors may have slight variations of lighter or darker shades accordingly to the harvest and season.

  • Terpene Booster: How to use

    Terpene Booster: How to Use

    Terpene Booster: You can boost the terpenes of your necklace anytime you need to. Use the dropper and the brush from your kit. Choose one or several pods and apply one drop on the inside of the pod using the brush to blend and remove excess.

  • Precautions


    • Do not apply Booster Oil on any part of your skin.
    • Avoid eye contact. Do not ingest.
    • Contains natural inflammable compounds.
    • May cause allergic reactions.
  • Take Care of your piece

    How to take care of your piece:

    • Avoid heat or direct sun exposure.
    • Store it hanging or inside of a bag.
    • Avoid contact with water or high humidity.
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