Wahe: T. E Driftwood  Collection+ kit 5ml Booster Kit

Wahe: T. E Driftwood Collection+ kit 5ml Booster Kit



Unique Driftwood individual piece, as shown is not reproduced.

Terpene Embrace Necklace with magnetic closure


Necklace length 19,5in

Driftwood: 3 X 2,8 in with 1 inch depth

Color: dark wood lightly coated in bee's wax encaustic resin. Copper lamination (gold effect). 

The caps are a variation of deep white, earthly shades, and light green tones.  


Terpene Embrace Necklace with magnetic closure

  • Cotton Bag 
  • Gift packing

Booster kit with:

  • 5 ml Eucalyptus Globulus Booster Blend

  • 2 application brushes

  • Education cards


100% Hand-made in California 

99% Organic and natural compostable material

Contains: Eucalyptus seed pods, driftwood, magnetic closure, essential oils, beeswax, natural resins, copper


  • Return Policy

    Please contact us via email admin@artcura.art and give us 48 hrs to return your email. 

    We care for all our customers. We are a small business and have a very small production. All pieces are carefully hand-made.

    Please check the info on how to take good care of your piece and ensure it's a healthy life. Terpene Embrace is a bio-living artwear made from organic materials. The sizes of the pods and colors may have slight variations of lighter or darker shades accordingly to the harvest and season.

  • Terpene Booster: How to Use

    Terpene Booster: How to Use

    You can boost the terpenes of your piece using an extra drop of essential oil booster, which comes in a kit. Your piece comes with a booster 5ml dropper of Eucalyptus Globulus essential oil. 

    You can choose as many gumnut you wish. We recommend 3-4 gumnut shells around your Terpene Embrace Necklace. Apply one drop inside of the concave side of the gumnut shell. Brush the excess with the wood-brush from your kit. please wash your hands after the process. Be careful with your eyes.

  • Precautions


    • Do not apply Booster Oil on any part of your skin.

    • Avoid eye contact. Do not ingest.

    • Contains natural inflammable compounds. 

    • May cause allergic reactions. A lightly running nose is a natural cleansing effect.   

    • Essential Oil content is dangerous for children, keep it out of reach.

  • How to take care

    How to take care

    • Avoid heat or direct sun exposure.

    • Store it hanging or inside of a bag.

    • Avoid contact with water or high humidity.