Dear colabs,

thank you for being part of Embryo Lab.

This page is entirely dedicated to the Art-human-life process. It will consist of eleven posts in total until the end of the Lab- Process. The content of this blog is made to support us in our creative process nourishing it with catalyzing ingredients, support, inspirations and insights.

Between April and October, we will have periodic posts, arriving to you mostly once or twice a month.

PASSWORD: artcura

I will be sharing space and ideas for this creative writing with Whitney Reed and her spacious gracious presence and experience as a mindfulness practitioner and dharma teacher.

Whitney is from Park City Utah but grew up part time in NY and has lived all over the world. She moved to San Francisco in 2012 to pursue her PhD in Clinical Psychology. She has spent the past 18 years practicing, studying and teaching body awareness through meditation and mindfulness. (see more on the page Artists in Collaboration )

"It is a circus of words that evokes, arouses, gives rise to, elicits, triggers, engenders and hopefully kindles an authentic creative expression. The “blog”… like most phenomenon is simply an indefinite process or dialogue. Even using the word “blog” questionable because that in itself puts a box around a journey that is absolutely "un-boxable".

Actually that may be something that we contemplate… "

(Whitney Reed)

Embryo Lab as a Mandala...

Embryo Lab has a mandala format that is circular: one connected organism that expands and unites from the four directions and five elements. Each artist plays a part in the mandala . Each of us contains the seeds of creation, moving diligently we are self refining and developing a healthy perspective of interdependence towards a more integral relationship with the environment .

(Tks to Alexandra Causse for sharing this image quote)


Every room in the house, is created based on the qualities of the five basic elements of nature and all phenomena ( Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Space). The element of space, is very essential in the beginning of our process. Be assured you will have space, as well as silence, along our way as practice.

How can space allow us to listen the next directions?


How can stillness be a crucial attunement to assist us in understanding movement?

“Humans are social creatures and being a member of a group is a good description of the human experience. And because working with others is an essential skill to learn, collaboration has been identified as a 21st century workplace ability as well as a component of the Common Core State Standards. Given that the performing arts are primarily group experiences, the arts become a prime tool for building skills in collaboration.”

“Collaborators aren’t born, they’re made. Or, to be more precise, built, a day at a time, through practice, through attention, through discipline, through passion and commitment—and most of all, through habit.”

—Twyla Tharp, The Collaborative Habit


It’s completely up to you, to share your skills and work with someone (Artists in collaboration) or not. Let me know if you are interested in connecting with someone in particular and I will I create a bridge. Some of these connections have been occurring since the beginning. Mainly I hope that this process is integrated.

Understand that this Mandala works like a cell with a thin and breathable wall...let us also create this between us so we can exchange openly in a trustful environment. Vulnerability and mistakes are welcome!! hey can be powerful teacher reminding us to develop self- compassion. I personally found these qualities to be one of the essential ingredients to manifest SATYA, (referring to being truthful in one's thought, speech and action.) pointing to the true impermanent nature of flourishing and dissolving.

In a cross cultural group of artists in a multimedia platform, we are listening and speaking through our hearts we may experience our vision expanding and perhaps even diluting. It could sound strange, but the detachment of any kind of strong vision is one one of my goals to cultivate a process oriented container as opposed to a product oriented one.

Hopefully in this context we will be supportively encouraging ways of integrate art into life , and how this technology can support us in a positive transformation, on a personal/ transpersonal environmental level.

How does it affect transformation in our internal landscapes and the art can be seen as a result and seed of this process?

It will be very useful to have your your feedback about your along the process.


Your piece/and or performance will be the "seed" of this process that will be "planted" in one room installation inside the house Embryo installation, hopefully contribute in way that inspires transformation. Engaging the audience in a transformative and alchemical experience activating the this in a full spectrum of Embryo.

"The soul knows no person."

"In all conversation between two persons tacit reference is made, as to a third part, to a common nature. That third party or common nature is not social; it is impersonal; it is God."

(Ralph Waldo Emerson: Selected Prose and Poetry quoted by Ken Wilber -The Essential Ken Wilber)

Some collaborative artistic groups in the history of Art:

· Dada (1913)

· Fluxus (1957)

· Situationist International (1957)

· Experiments in Art

and Technology (1967)

· Mujeres Muralistas (1973)

· Colab (1977)

· Guerrilla Girls (1985)

(Fluxus Manifesto, 1963, by George Maciunas.)



This is list of subjects and inspirations we will be contributing to your process...

1) House as a Mirror: the continuation of the process

2) Introduction to the Process: Artist as a Co-creator

3) Being an artist who creates conditions for life to flow

4) Working with the sensory world while cultivating listening and equanimity

5) Accessing the invisible world (Symbols, Subtle Alchemy)

6) Transformation of mental landscapes (Intimacy with Phenomena)

7) Mindfulness practice in ordinary life

8) Embodiment (Somatic body & Performance)

9) Art as Medicine (The Noble Heart in Creation)

10) Activating the Creative Process of Integration & Effortless Movements

11) Bringing the work to share with others (Art Sanga, Generosity Compassion, Inspiration)


For this unique artistic collaboration I am envisioning to provide a refuge and safe container where causes and conditions are supported to strengthen the artistic process to a deeper investigation of awakening and healing.


I've spent a great deal of time researching how creativity and healing collide and complement themselves as processes. This brought inspiration to investigate the "causes and conditions" that directly influence my process of healing/creativity.


The inter-relation of the micro and macro is undeniable in the overall spectrum of the artistic process. We can intentionally and consciously set positive communal conditions to support human development and healing. If you need some guidance along the way as an artist and in your exploration i hope you can turn to this community for refuge.


Between May and June, we have almost no time together and I wish to be respectful with your own schedules and life on going events. Many of you will be working in your sites and other countries sending your work from far away. I would like to develop a way to feel connected to you and you to the process, since we are in this together and need each other to grow this seed. With Whitney's collaboration, we will make sure you have a general tool to check in, bringing inspiration into our processes.

Warmly wishes,

Love and Light




(co-creative editor for Lab introduction )

Whitney Reed

Kecya Felix Donnelly

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