House as a Mirror

Dear colabs,

this text bellow is from last year opening. It was made to share some of the questions that came to me during the process of creation, also to bring audience as active listeners on this process.

I feel is important to share it with you in the beginning, so you have better view of Babalawo Satya ArtCura . We may have the gift of sharing a common ground in resonance between those subjects and our art.

Whitney is at a Silent Retreat at this moment at Goenka Center

(is that a coincidence or synchronicity ?)

She will get back bringing inputs and expand possibilities to expand this ideas.

She sent this exercise, may you are interested

A Written Meditation

Hope you enjoy the text. I included some images from the space to

illustrate the writing.

love and light,



"Not knowing reality, one remains under the delusion that one reacts to external objects, such as visions, sounds, tastes, etc. ”

(S. N. Goenka)

Consciousness > Perception > Sensation > Reaction

Here and now, in the space of a house, we create a bridge between the conscious and the unconscious, to experience art as a tool to observe and work with the four aggregates of mind:

Why are we constantly building walls around our lives and ourselves?

Is the wall part of our true nature?

With these questions, through observation I realize that a wall can also be part of a container. Just like the body has its surfaces, walls defining each cell and organ, the house also is a container with rooms and walls, and inside each room, more containers, over and over. A wall is a structure that defines an area, carries a load, or provides shelter or security, creating a barrier to contain something. It can be hard or flexible, soft- or hardware. A container is an instrument that creates partially or fully an enclosed space, which can be used to store and transport an object, or any substance, physical or abstract. It protects what is inside of its structure. A word also can be a container to the intention; a glass contains the liquid. The holding space helps new things to grow and be nurtured, to stabilize their roots and bring them to full maturity. But also, it can be a barrier, bondage, a symbol of power and separation. The mind can also create all kinds of physical and psychological barriers. I find it extremely important to understand more deeply what kind of substances are being nurtured in the mind and its body.

What is the relationship between the human being, containers and the essence? Is possible to be even more conscious about what we are putting into our lives’ containers?

Just like water, a mirror shows us fluidity, impermanence, and the relationship between the projection and its source. The mirror has a quality of not holding anything, just interacting with the space. It reveals the source image according to shape, light and space. This shiny and polished surface, sometimes said to be an “instrument of the devil,” nurturing vanity, can actually help us to understand something about perception and the universe we are experiencing.

Our mind can be just like a mirror, reflecting everything we come to contact with, generating

sensations > emotional responses > behaviors > patterns > self-construction > beliefs

This is the system that we shall investigate. Please, be courageous to take a look inside for a moment. Allow yourself to embrace everything as part of what is being created in your own experience.

This project is a continuation of Mirror Me-We: The Look of Love, realized last year in São Paulo, Brazil. The first phase was a process of deconstruction, of moving to from Brazil to the USA.

House as a Mirror is a reconstruction, a new direction, and a new container of life.

As the proposer of this work, I choose to embrace fragments of life to refine intentions.

Objects are organized, recreating space to function as a temple to inspire active work in the path of mindfulness and transformation. Colors, textures, words work as symbolic keys to the real essence of what is being created here and now. They remind us of the abstraction of true nature, alive inside and outside of every living creature in the micro- and macrocosmos, contained in the house, each object, our bodies and minds. Embracing everything as part of the cosmos, we can interact with the sacred divine.

For today, leave conceptual thinking to one side, to be able to investigate what is here right now, the present moment. Here we may recognize and accept whatever arises on the mirror of our perception. You may notice the impermanence of sensations; everything in nature has its cycle that arises and passes away to start a new one.

Like a child full of curiosity, allow yourself to investigate it. What about experiencing life as an artist? You are inside of an artist’s laboratory. First we will look for the prima materia, which is essence for the artwork.

Art today is no longer about creating objects or representing the beauty of its creation, so what is the function of art?

Art is a process of alchemy, of giving tangible form to the intangible, the unknown and the abstract universe within. For this process to happen, the artist needs to transform herself within the process, just like finding the philosopher’s stone of an Alchemist. Mixing and transmuting the prima materia, the artist works in the path that is the one of self-development. Observation and reflection are required, to able to generate a bridge to connecting the hidden to the tangible world. Without filters, our eyes can truly see the structure hidden under the superficiality of the world. Understanding deeply this relation, we may dive in and experience a new level of consciousness: from the gross to the subtler truth. Not every artist finds the way out of the labyrinth, but the great artist must find a map.

Those who work diligently, looking for the truth no matter what, may have results along the pathway.

A piece of art contains a fragment of the process – it is the past that became present, crystallized.

The unconscious is hidden. Understanding these correlations, we may emerge with the responsibility for each one of us to be a true artist of his life, and then be able to serve our community in a more wholesome way.

To maintain art alive, one must work in a constant discovery and integration of our steps, as an artisan of time. Be committed to the spirit of change, for the brighter and clearer insight, that can keep us in the land of eternal renewal, the infinite truth.

Just like finding keys to unlock doors to the unknown, the mystery and miracle of nature are contained in the present moment. Time is a container. No need for fear - if it arrives, welcome it and let it be dissolved. Observe how it interacts in the inside space and suddenly it passes away.

Embrace everything and let go of that which is not useful to you at the moment. Burn the excess. Find out what is being nurtured inside your container. Relax and allow space.

With awareness, you can be silent or speak. Please try to respect others who are seeking silence.

Lets try to embrace the noise of those who have chosen it. Understand what is behind your thoughts in the present experience. Relax in the walking. Find your keys - the door is open and you are very welcome.

“When the philosopher has found this supreme goal, he/she must come back to the dark world of the cave from which he has escaped, to play back the debt to nature and others who helped her, by teaching, ruling, serving. (Plato)

San Francisco, July 2015

Kecya Felix Donnelly

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