"Along the process, day after day, my husband Ryan and I, and our two dogs Lee and Ambar , experienced the discomfort of losing our personal space, to allow others to come to interact. We lived inside of an immersive experiment created by many hands. We've experienced feelings of losing our space, as refugees at their own home. We were challenged to find a sense of safety inside our bodies and to understand the discomfort of being out of our comfort zone, deepening our contemplation of: What is true home?"


At the door visitors had their feet washed following a ritual to recognize and pray for the Ancestors of Origin. Salt, pop-corn, clay, stones are some of the key elements kecya has brought to the audience play with, awakening the senses on Salt Garden and Samadhi Installations, where Adriana Cavalcante (Brazil) has traveled from offered a performance molding seeds of life. The bedroom became a full human size nest installation where visitors experienced a deep insightful visionary dream of Jaime Chiang(US) with soundscape created by Virginie Dubois (France). The bathroom became a warm vibrant womb cave pulsating the sounds of heart beats; baths were offered for individuals inviting to process a process of rebirth, hosted by Kecya (Brazil) and Shelly Napoleon (Hawai) . The hallways became points of transition, passage ways leading to the installations of Nuola Zeng (CHINA) and Laura Hirca (Romania). You literally walk on eggshells along your visit. Kecya has brought some of the substances such salt, clay and stones, to awaken you senses; the installations was activated by performances and offerings by the artist Adriana Cavalcante (Brasil), the master of sound and voice Silvia Nakkach, and Kecya herself guiding visitors to immerse into sounds of water and touch to the embryos of life.

Performances, talks, film screening, dinner, celebration; the living-dining room became a communal lounge to host and raise awareness on the HUMAN CRISES of refugees around the world. We celebrate collaboration and love with amazing group of guest artists and sound healers from the bay area; Niva Flor, Sound Village, Sevamantra, Sarah Vaadia, Jeremy Marais, Kaley Isabella and Sheryland Neal. The "Sense of Identity" was explored in lecture given by Venerable Namjong, a Tibetan monk who visited us directly from India.

Along eleven days, the house was open for visitors to experience sound, space, meditation, form and essence, and collaboration.

With creativity as our fundamental basis, we practiced and discussed topics related to sense of home, identity, generosity, love, forgiveness, ancestry, Human crises and sense of safety.

Celebration, performances, mindfulness walk, conversation and eating was shared with visitors, all supported by offerings and donations.

If you had the chance to experience Embryo Artcura Lab, your feedback is extremely important to us. Please send a email with your thoughts and feelings to kecyafelix@babalawolab.com or perhaps a written lovely letter to the address 2027 Market St, San Francisco, CA 94114.

If you feel a call to be part in any form of our process let us know. It is time to collaborate and create something meaningfully together.

Credits for event photography: Sheryland Neal

Creative Writing and collaboration Witney Reed

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