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Today's Neuroscience, points to the importance of relaxation response to the brain and body performing higher capacities of cognition and intelligence. The Relaxation response is one of the key- points for leaning new processes, getting bright insights, opening new perspectives and heal our body. The balance between stress and recovering improves our immune cells and helps to maintain the healthy balance of the system. We can't scape from stress, but we can incorporate joy and healthy habits into daily work to help the body to obtain it full capacity. Babalawo Lab can give you the insight you need to start a new way to go to work. Project management and counseling Our vision is to transform a stressful work day into a journey of excitement in life career, creating a cognitive space where human capacities can be reached. We believe space can help us to cultivate the right mental attitude to processing acquiring knowledge and understanding through thought, experience, and senses. Incorporating techniques of healing, cognition and the Art of Placement into work spaces, Babalawo Lab is in a mission of healing arts, expanding its installations to help you with the most creative solutions to transform a simple office room into a Healing Work & Cognitive Work Space. Schedule a Visit we will get back to you in maximum 48 has to check the best time available or call us directly (415) 7702114