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About Artcura

 Artcura is a platform in formation - the liminal zone - from where we are dedicated to the rebirth of art.  We are co-creating the possibility of pause, reorientation, and of becoming something new and more inclusive as we bring the imaginal into the conversation.  We are co-creating a relational way of being and acting from a cosmo-local standing point. 

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Our platform promotes the development of artists and constellations of creative leadership supported by an inclusive set of practices, tools, and content, such as integral philosophy and awareness-based systems developed by the U LAB Presencing Institute MIT.

Our practices include altruistic values​​ to discover possibilities for activating the regenerative social field within a "Cosmolocal" virtual environment with languages spoken in Portuguese and English - This unique combination aims to facilitate an ecosystem of cooperation, reciprocity, and systemic awareness in a micro-network dedicated to integral arts.

Our platform nurtures a dynamic and creative educational place dedicated to experimentation, co-creation, and exchange within a micro-community of multidisciplinary members, educators, artists, and regenerative practitioners.


Cura in its Latin root means to take care. 

Art still remains a question and an answer unfolding in the evolution of human-being consciousness.

Crystal Salt
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