About Artcura

Artcura is a platform dedicated to the rebirth of art from the artist's integrality, fostering new media born from the forces of transition that shape the future and a new consciousness. Our commitment is to nurture co-authors and projects that interact with plural, ecosystem, and regenerative values. Since 2020, the platform has been dedicated to the Incubator project, generating real-time connections between its members from where constellated groups are nurtured as catalytic agents of global paradigm shifts. During meetings, we share and practice with direct transmission and support of mentors and developmental tools. 

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Our platform promotes the development of artists and constellations of creative leadership supported by an inclusive set of practices, tools, and content, such as integral philosophy and awareness-based systems developed by the U LAB Presencing Institute MIT.

Our practices include altruistic values​​ to discover possibilities for activating the regenerative social field within a "Glocal" virtual environment with languages spoken in Portuguese and English - This unique combination aims to facilitate an ecosystem of cooperation, reciprocity, and systemic awareness in a micro-network dedicated to integral arts.

Our platform nurtures a dynamic and creative educational venue dedicated to experimentation, co-creation, and exchange within a micro-community of multidisciplinary members, educators, artists, and regenerative practitioners.


Cura in its Latin root means to take care. 

Art still remains a question and an answer unfolding in the evolution of human-being consciousness.

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