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The Liminal Theater is a creative process, and hands-on ritual activation on an interpersonal and collective journey created and facilitated by Artcura collaborators. The practice supports individuals and groups during the transition between roles, spaces, and challenges present in life and in the structures of the social body. By recognizing their connection with the environmental body (ecosystem) and the natural life cycles, individuals and groups take on the process that reveals new perspectives on the context of the participants and the underlying fabric of meta-narratives of the social matrix. Through "feeling", and "presence", an invitation to access inner knowledge will enable the transformation and reframing of the narrative. Co-authors participate by identifying structures and blockages and, cooperating, imagining new roles that envision futures and the emerging “Self” (BEING) - Actors are co-active participants who awaken a new way of seeing experiences and future possibilities, with responsibility and a sense of belonging.


From the Origins of Theater-Ritual: Ritual is the oldest form of theatre, from which we are given the space to portray and embody space-time transitions.

The root of the word theater comes from the Greek theatron - literally, "a place to see", which means "to observe". We use the word theater not in reference to drama or theatrical performance. We use the word in this original sense - as a place where things become visible. In ancient times and in many cultures, the theater was a place where people performed ceremonies and rituals to connect with the gods, to heal, to be entertained, to have a good harvest, to grieve, and to make visible the rich stories of the world. what it is to be a human being with other human beings. From ancient times until now, the theater has been a social way of seeing and feeling collectively. People come together to be touched, informed, uplifted, challenged, entertained, transformed, and connected.

  • Arawana Hayashi creator of Social Presencing Theater developed by ULab. 

Despite incorporating a diversity of practices and methodologies for accessing transitional stages and integrating states of consciousness, the methodology is based on based on the fundamentals of Theory U. The ritual space is conceived through the step by step collective experience that the facilitators propose and in co-creation of a Rite of Passage. The journeys are proposed one by one, based on the local context, the group of facilitators, and the community to which it is dedicated.


The Theory U  is an awareness-based method for changing systems. It combines systems thinking, innovation, and leadership change - from the point of view of evolving human consciousness. It is developed at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's (MIT) heritage of action research and learning. It has evolved over two decades of experimentation and refinement by a global community of practitioners. The focus of the process is on building the collective capacity to change the inner place from which we operate; Theory U draws our attention to the invisible source dimension of the social field, to the quality of the relationships we have with each other, with the system, and with ourselves.

Our methodology and practice at Teatro Liminal: Generative circle practices, body and voice workshop, 4D and Social Presence Theater practices, meta-object creation workshop, and final performance O Teatro Liminal.

The Pillars of Teatro Liminal:

  • Reconnection of the individual-social-environmental.

  • Re-education and re-introduction of the Imaginal field as a power to create futures.

  • Circles of presence and listening.

  • Expansion of modes of listening, speaking, and other forms of perception and generative expression.

  • Transformation of the individual collective through the recognition of driving causes and through witnessing oneself and one another.

  • The theater in its original ritual forms and the structures involving a rite of passage.


The Liminal Theater invites a process of profound transformation and integration of the levels of individual-social-environmental awareness from an open heart, open mind and open will to access deep change.

The whole is intelligent, and each part carries the inherent intelligence of the entire system. Knowledge is, therefore a living thing that is patterned within each person, being, object, and phenomenon within creation… Respectful observation and interaction within the system, with the parts and connections between them, is the only way to see a pattern."

-Tyson Forest Gate quote, Sand Talk"

our Journey Calendar will be available soon
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