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Mirror MeWe:

The look of love 

Exhibition 2014

São Paulo, Brazil

MIRROR           ME
                        W E

Layer upon layer
K Sea Ya weaves the plan, the art, the rite of Love, reified life.
From vestments to food, from the feminine to psychedelia, impure mix
of Simone with Sartre, shamanism with Rajasthan, 
wears a burka y Kenzo 
in her neo-contemporary ritual, art life, ethno-fashion,
astral-body trip or via American Airlines.
MIRROR ME WE - THE LOOK OF LOVE is an exquisite show,
house-manifest, expo-residency, a mix of art and experiments.
Before taking off for other flights, Kecya delivers the fruit juice,
the semen of the new art.
Reflection of the I
                of yours

S            e             l               f
between spaces of  (IN) HABITING (almost)
The discourse of the veils
                   From Nothingness 
                   From heavens

Curator y Writer
AUGUST (19) 2014.

Mirror MeWe: The look of Love Series contains 22 fine Art Print photography available for sale. To see the entire collection, check dimensions, and further details please contact us.

Pulvis Solaris  Series 

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