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Cosmolocal Corridors

Are you already playing an active agent role and want to participate in learning and Leadership Development Infrastructures to Support Planetary Healing and Human Flourishing?

The Artcura Incubator invites change agents, community leaders, cultural associations, and artists' collectives with a focus on environmental awareness to be part of our expanded team. At the same time, we develop the "Cosmolocal Corridors" project with the accelerator with  U lab2x.


Our connections unfold as one network designed to connect, exchange, and increase communication between members of the future Pan-American corridors between communities in North and South America. The Cosmolocal Corridors aim to initiate connections between people and places, supporting a transformation of human-environmental consciousness and  intercultural exchanges. We also wish to include actions to support communities and people facing the planetary crisis. 

Fists in Solidarity


  • How to engage in a collective process of social change with a creative-regenerative emphasis, recognizing our territory?

  • How to support community members to connect with individual-socio-environmental planetary consciousness?

  • How can biogeographical history inform and deepen our understanding of who we are and our roles in our communities and places?

  • How to invite our close community and family members to engage in a dialogue that sustains a new perception of being in the world, supporting discoveries of individual purpose in the collective?

  • How to perceive maps that generate undue exploitation or symbiotic connections between us and the environment?

  • How can technology networks foster more connections by focusing on the direct experience of local contact with expanded sharing?

  • How to promote exchanges that have common learning objectives?

  • How to propose transformative journeys for groups and individuals as an initiatory pilgrimage that will inform ecosystem awareness?

  • How can the Cosmolocal Corridors promote exchange between people and regenerative practices, supporting individuals and communities in the transition of VUCA and climate remediation?

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