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Pulvis Solaris, a Living stone

"...It rises from Earth to Heaven, and descends again to Earth, thereby combining within Itself the powers of both the Above and the Below. " 

From the marriage between body and spirit, earth and sky, the element of salt has come to interact with my work since the first year of my residence in San Francisco. Investigating the elements of nature and the phenomena of body and mind, I created two interactive installations called The Wind Carried in its Belly (2015) and Salt Garden (2016). My interest in salt was born from a dream in 2014, a week before I first came to San Francisco. In the dream, from above, I saw myself floating in a pond, held by the arms of an unknown young man with long dark hair.  It was a pond for sublimation and salt extraction. Then on my flight to San Francisco, a surprise: from above, I could see the place of my dream, and quickly registered the view. Since then, salt has come to be an important metaphor for my life, as well as an orientation to my work.


K Sea Ya

Pulvis Solaris Series is available for sale. To see the entire collection, check dimensions and further details please get in touch.

_ Moon Tears _ _kecyafelix work 2016 Pho
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