Babalawo in the Yoruba language means father of the mysteries. This name was chosen as a tribute to the Afro-Brazilian tradition kecya belongs to. 


Satya is the Sanskrit is the word for truth, also referring to the virtue of being truthful in one's thought, speech, and action.  Derived from "sat", it means true essence, nature, spiritual essence, character. This word was chosen in tribute to Dharma tradition, which has informed Kecya along with her practices.   


Babalawo Satya is an ART RESIDENCY created at Kecya's home located in San Francisco.  Since 2015 she developed with this project, a body of work and a new way to think and experience HOME; a space dedicated to the investigation, creativity, which brought together collaboration, events, and immersive exhibitions receiving more than 500 people to experience various Artcura practices.