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I am a Homaker (May 2019)


A commentary by Whitney Reed

In this exhibition called I am a "Homaker," Kecya displays crystallized remnants of her artwork created over the past four years. In this body of work,  the subjects of home-making and inhabiting home served as a medium for all of her investigations.


Babalawo Satya Home was where Kecya first grounded the practice of Artcura Lab. The initial seeds for this project were brought from Brazil in 2014, where Kecya presented a show in her home in Sao Paulo during the process of moving and emptying everything of her House. 


Over the past four years, 500 people have visited the project, and through this shared experience, explored new ways of building relationships and inhabiting space in a home.


The minute we apply a glimmer of consciousness to a mechanical gesture or practice phenomenology while polishing a piece of old furniture, we sense new impressions come into being beneath this familiar domestic duty. For consciousness rejuvenates everything, giving a quality of beginning to the most everyday actions.

(The Poetics of Space, Gaston Bachelard)

In the first year, an open house called House as a Mirror occupied multiple rooms and hallways with immersive installations that called the audience to experience and observe the House as an alchemist would in their laboratory.

When I reflect on my stay in Kecya's guest room-installation from House as a Mirror, the first memory that arises is how my dreams became more vivid and profound when I slept. The depth of my sleep was like freshwater for the mind. It was as if my mind had just bathed in a clear crystal pool and showered under a waterfall. The room itself emphasizes the ethereal spaciousness of the sky. Light is channeled and refracted by miniature sculptures of crystallized salt and glass. Then, depending on where the sun is throughout the day, the light does a delicate dance on the skyscape colors throughout the room. The blue colors provoke warm ease throughout my body. Overall, it was a sensorial immersion that inspired me to experience formlessness through artistic form.


In the second year, Embryo Lab was created to share the Artcura practices. A team of female artists and guests were invited to create a single immersive body of work. Here Kecya shared an open source of information about healing spaces and body awareness. An essential aspect of this was the element of collaboration. This was highlighted throughout the six months of the guided lab. During this art residency, the House hosted several events, including immersive exhibitions, overnight stays, and long-term guests in working labs.


In this last exhibition you are about to enter, we invite you to experience the sacred entity of a place in space. This home is a refuge. I am a Homaker is the nectar of living art. Kecya and Ryan are closing a chapter and evolving to a new phase, Casa de Lumi, right across the Golden Gate Bridge in Mill Valley.

There was "a home inside of a home," now it is being dissolved, separated, and evaporated as an image desapier in a mirror. (Kecya, The Homemaker) 

Whitney has collaborated in the past two years with Kecya on creative writing on Artcura's practices. Over the past 20 years, she has been dedicated to the study and practice of mindfulness in various traditions, as well as ancient healing practices of various indigenous lineages. Whitney is currently living in Park City, Utah, and sharing teachings of yoga and meditation throughout America.

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