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Since 2020, the platform has been dedicated to the Incubator project, generating real-time connections between members. Our experiences expand individual - collective perceptual capabilities and cosmo-local territory awareness, inaugurating new ways of relating and fostering bio-regional leadership for change.

​Our platform promotes the development of artists and practices supported by tools such as Integral philosophy, The U Theory, and Reconomy.

Artcura mentors are members in collaboration, facilitating the connection between participants and integrating content and tools for an ecosystem of cooperation, reciprocity, and reawakening of inner values. Our practices support creative and generative fields toward altruistic action.


Our territory is "virtual" and cosmo-local, where we operate as a micro-community environment, also facilitating activities and meetings in languages ​​spoken in Portuguese and English.

The incubator is carried out in four interdependent cycles:

Co-initiation is the first container where participants develop the practice of Empathic and Generative Listening, revealing the power of intentions, the exercise of Presencing, and the ability to co-sensing. We absorbed the content with the Liminal Theater process, which is an invitation to an initiatory journey of reflection and regeneration in the cosmo-local axis relating individual-collective-Gaia.

Constellating is the second cycle in which we move from individual consciousness to constellating members. We deepen the content with U.Lab tools, regenerative design such as Reconomy and Fluxonomy, integral philosophy, and altruism in action. In this cycle, we experience the visualization of the individual in a cluster with vertical awareness and discovering "why we connect," awakening presence, curiosity, compassion, and courage to move forward to more inclusive futures and ecosystems.

Crystallizing is the third cycle through which we went through the Art Manifestos and wrote a Cosmo-Local Manifesto activating the place of ideas and transformation, making possible the corridors for action and exchanges.

In this cycle, the group emerges in an ascending action for co-creating a Manifesto.

Prototyping is the fourth cycle, we develop a prototype emphasizing co-creative leadership and prepare a public first launch for feedback on the proposals.

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The Network of Lights is a cosmo-local ecosystem promoting synergistic interdisciplinary interactions between members, supporting co-creation and creative leadership.

Our network promotes regenerative values by connecting cosmo-local corridors for the arts and regenerative practices.


onboard advisors & contributors


Gian Berselli

Creative Economy & New Medias


Ryan Donnelly

Technology & Integration 

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Whitney Reed

Mindfulness & Practices

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