The Artcura Incubator invites the first group of active collaborators to be part of its Network of Lights. The platform is ready to deepen its roots and form an ecosystem, through a solid community engagement and a creative economy model, with a local token. The platform aims to develop projects centered on integral art and the development of a local and global community. In the first stage, we wish to identify potential values ​​and to provide support during a year-long process framed in four cycles. The intention is to reveal values and enable collaboration among the participants, generating a safe network connection based on a creative economy.


The intention is to co-create a self-regulating ecosystem led by active members as a holonic model. Each member is supported as an independent professional and at the same time part of an interdependent ecosystem. For example, a cell is a complete operating system, at the same time is a part of a more complex ecosystem.

What is Artcura

Cura in the Portuguese language means healing.  At its roots, the word heal means to care. Artcura is the Art of Healing with Care.

The Care Economy is a model that aims to promote individual and collective well-being, exchange, and development, regardless of gender, class, color, or ability, respecting and taking responsibility for the planet. 

- Laura Koch  


A Network of lights is a design for a coherent and sustainable ecosystem with synergetic global intelligence, for healthy interactions between members, generating sustainable values, and a creative economy.


image from K Sea Ya Salt Garden Installation at Embryo Lab 2016 /Voice and meditation created by Alessandra Causse

advisors & mentors

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