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What is the Artcura Lab Incubator, and what is the new format?

The Artcura incubator is a constantly evolving laboratory initiated by K Sea Ya and Artcura and collaborators fostering a creative-collaborative space dedicated to the study and application of regenerative tools and the transmission of integral and perennial philosophies with practices of the deep ecology of "Interbeing".

What is it, and how can I participate in the Incubator?

The Woom Program co-initiates new members by unfolding according to a pre-determined three-month cycle schedule with weekly online sessions and workshops.


After registration and the group carefully selected, we begin our journey with weekly meetings. During this process, we share a practical set of co-creative tools, the Systems Change methodology based on Consciousness and the Integral and Perennial Philosophies.


"We pursue organic learning as we cultivate integral awareness about the layers behind our human development, who we are today, and the social dynamics in which we are evolving and involved. We may notice leaps in consciousness as we perceive these layers – of the individual and the current system – and allow them to be integrated with who we are. By reaching into this broader field of vision, we hope to identify some of the dynamics that cause imbalances, move from the healing of acceptance to action to address these root causes of imbalances towards a more inter-being harmonized future." K Sea Ya

Our mission at Artcura is to promote and cultivate a creative ecosystem where each member is part of a "Cosmo-Local" network that opens possibilities for transdisciplinary collaborations, cross-pollination of projects, and collaboration between people, places, and communities in the North and South Americas. 

The new Artcura Lab incubator format comprises two cycles of three months each: Woom Co-initiating and Crystallizing the Prototype. 

Woom is an invitation and the first container, a learning lab with shared, advanced human technology promoting generative conversation and action- we tune in to find internal blockages and access portals to a deep connection with curiosity, compassion, and open will to the future we wish to create.


The second cycle invites the crystallization of ideas into prototypes. (It requires the completion of the first Co-initiation Woom). The program includes a series of two-day online workshops over three months where we apply tools and delve into the history of the most influential artistic movements and manifestos to deeply understand the process of art and how we got here. The group will be encouraged to write a new manifesto based on the thought-feeling of our inter-being, motivating actions to crystallize ideas into creative projects and innovations.

Liminal Theater is an original practice in development in the incubator created by K Sea Ya and its participants. It includes diverse methodologies of theater dynamics from its original foundations in Ritual to access to imagination to tell new roles and narratives between the creative agent and their place. Practice unfolds in both cycles as an interweaving bond process of integrating knowledge into practice. The LT is an individual-shared exercise that supports systemic healing based on the individual reconnection with the territory, the memory of a place, and the agent role. 


Meetings are two hours weekly via Zoom. The content transmitted is bilingual, in Portuguese and English, inspired by the methodology of the Presencing Institute U.LAB, Integral Philosophy og Gian Gebser, and Mindfulness perennial philosophy from cross-culture. Liminal Theater, unfolding in both cycles,  is a process created by K Sea Ya that acts as a vehicle to integrate knowledge into practice and local activities for each participant—an individual creative exercise shared in a group supporting systemic healing.

Artcura Lab Incubator also aims to promote a dynamic ecosystem of creative exchange where each member is part of a "cosmolocal" transdisciplinary network with bioregional action. We aim to support a network of inclusive and regenerative projects on the individual-community-planet healing axis. We are deepening our understanding of the interrelationship of human life and how to create with the ecology of being as the core of our creative intention and pollination.

Our 2024 calendar:

Cycle 1: Woom (Co-Initiating) 15:30 hrs H.Brasilia Thursdays - March 14,21,28 // April 4, 11, 18 // May 9,16 Comprehensive study cycle: (1.5H)12 hrs (PDT time zone) - 16 hrs Brasilia // March 29 (Friday), April 25 (Thursday), May 23 (Thursday) Check your local time zone.

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