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Artcura Incubator:

Wōōm Program Co-Initiating

The Co-initiation cycle opens the doors of the Artcura Incubator, which unfolds into two cycles in a new format (2024):  Co-initiation and Project Prototyping.

What is it, and how to participate in the Incubator Program:

The Woom Program co-initiates new members into the Artcura Incubator. The program takes place according to a pre-determined schedule. During the meeting cycle, we invite you to share our methodology and practices, which include integral philosophy and co-creative tools. The intention is to cultivate integral awareness about regenerative practices from the individual in their place, that is, the systemic-cosmo-local vision. The mission of the Artcura platform and incubator is to promote a creative ecosystem where each member is part of a "Cosmo-Local" network that opens spaces for transdisciplinary collaborations and multi-local sharing.

During a three-month cycle, participants meet via Zoom in weekly and fortnightly meetings facilitated by the incubator, where we will share content and methodologies, integrative tools, and space for deepening understanding of integral consciousness, postmodern themes, systemic ecologies and regenerative projects,  which offer a perspective on our starting point for creating future impactful projects.

The Wōōm program includes weekly two-hour meetings via Zoom and one integrative process - the  Liminal Theater, Coaching Circles, and deep ecology practices.

Our meeting is bilingual in Portuguese and English, and the ecology of practices includes transmissions informed by the

U.LAB Presencing Institute, Integral and Perennial Philosophy and Deep Ecology in practice.

Our mission is to educate and foster creativity through connection beyond borders, delivering subjects that matter in today's world and ways of being and nurturing leadership support with creative projects of the impact that evokes the relationship between the individual-community-local-planet as an axis of healing.

What to expect from this cycle:
  • Connect with an interdisciplinary community.

  • Being part of a network of co-creation and articulation of projects cultivated by the Artcura incubator

  • Complete translation of content into Portuguese - English

  • Transmission of regenerative tools and the Integral philosophy.

  • Deepen Empathic-Generative conversation skills.

  • An integrative journey to your location with Teatro Liminal.

  • Support for mindfulness practices with additional suggested bibliographies.

  • Access the members' area on the Artcura Mighty networks platform, WhatsApp group, and coaching cycle rooms.

  • Interactive participation in meetings via Zoom with recordings available after the discussion on the Mighty Network page.

What to prepare for meetings:
  • Internet access and equipment compatible with the platforms used by the group (preferably iPad/computer phone) with audio video.

  • Install and update Zoom software (free) 

  • Register and download the Mighty Network Artcura app, and remember to save your password and log in for re-entries like any other social network.

  • Check your email account weekly for updates.
    Also, use WhatsApp to receive our communications if you participate in the WhatsApp network.

  • Monitor shared material. Video conference recordings, slides, and other supporting materials will be available and shared on your Mighty Network cohort page after the sessions.

calendário 2024: 

Ciclo 1: Woom ( Co-iniciando) (2H) 11:30 hrs (fuso PDT)- 15:30 hrs H.Brasilia Quintas Feiras - Março 14,21,28 // Abril 4, 11, 18 // Maio 9,16

Ciclo de estudos Integrais: (1.5H) 12hrs (fuso PDT) - 16 hrs Brasilia// 29 Março( Sexta),  25 de Abril (Quinta), 23 maio (Quinta)

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