Why are we constantly building walls around our lives and ourselves?

Is the wall part of our true nature? 


House as a Mirror is a reconstruction, a new direction, and a new container for life.

As the proposer of this work, I choose to embrace fragments of life to refine intentions.

Objects are organized, recreating space to function as a temple to inspire active work in the path of mindfulness and transformation. Colors, textures, words work as symbolic keys to the real essence of what is being created here and now.  They remind us of the abstraction of true nature; alive inside and outside of every living creature in the micro-and macrocosmos, contained in the house and each object, as in our bodies and minds. Embracing everything as part of the cosmos, we can interact with the sacred divine.




















Consciousness > Perception > Sensation > Reaction

Just like the body has its surfaces, walls defining each cell and organ, the house also is a container with rooms and walls, and inside each room, more containers, over and over.  A word can be a container to the intention; a glass contains the liquid.  The holding space helps new things to grow and be nurtured, to stabilize their roots and bring them to full maturity. But also, it can be a barrier, bondage, a symbol of power and separation.  

What is being nurtured in the body-mind?


Here and now, in the space of a house, we create a bridge between what is conscious and unconscious.



Just like water, a mirror shows us fluidity, impermanence, and the relationship between the projection and its source. The mirror has a quality of not holding anything, just interacting with the space.  It reveals the source image according to shape, light and space. This shiny and polished surface, sometimes said to be an “instrument of the devil,” nurturing vanity, can actually help us to understand something about perception and the universe we are experiencing.


K. F. D.