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The body is the house, the house is a mirror. 

I embrace fragments of ordinary life to refine intentions, inspire mindfulness and promote adaptation to place, a new home. Colors, textures, words, the ceiling, the floor, the walls,  plants, brooms, bathtub, shower, furniture, electronics, fridge, cups, plates, pots, and pans... there is a practice of embracing all as part of a relationship ecosystem that nurtures something sacred.






















Consciousness > Perception > Sensation > (...)

Just as the body has its surfaces, walls that define each cell and organ, the house is also a container with rooms and walls, and within each room, more containers, over and over again. A word can be a container for intention; a glass contains the liquid. The retention space helps embryos grow and be nourished, stabilizing roots and bringing life to full maturity.


But the wall without the touch can be a separation barrier.


A mirror has the quality of not holding anything, just interacting with space.

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