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Rite V Conception:

A new becoming

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Brine is a series presented in photography and video in collaboration with the Brazilian photographer Bruno Ferrucio and the music of Gastão Villeroy.

Imbued by an intuitive improvisation dance with the environment,  it was a threshold from my solo years to motherhood. This series happened a week before I conceived Lumiar. 

Anteceding this performance, an interesting connection happened to reaffirm the thresholds I was crossing. I launched an immersive experience project in August of 2017, where I invited a few friends to take an individual immersion for  24hrs, away from their normal lives,  spending an entire day and night in one of my installations called Salt Garden.  Under my guidance and care, the participants one by one were submitted to a series of protocols of introspection, meditation, and sensory reset. After each day, I was exhausted in a good way Before went to sleep I remember telling my husband how much I felt like a mother must feel. 

For the series Brine, the meeting with Bruno in Bahia was suggested by a common friend. We met for the first time in Salvador in January 2018 and planned a short trip to a beach close to Salvador, named Busca Vida (Searching for Life).

Bruno asked me what I wanted to do. I said that I wanted to dance with the Dawnlight and if he could stand with his camera to witness.
Following, we met over the weekend and started shooting at 4:30 am. We arrived the night before in a pousada to get ready for the early day. I offered Bruno a body tunning session using Tunning forks. He accepted and after the session, he said: My friend, this was just like a sweet lullaby to the heavens. 

Somehow during this trip to Bahia,  most of my initial plans were changed moved by major mysterious natural causes, like a black moth infestation at the island where our teacher Rosangela Silvestre host her training with the Silvestre Technique. Changing plans accordingly, I invited my two friends who were also there for the training, to spent a week in Chapada Diamantina. This trip was absolutely serendipitous to the three of us.  We share a bedroom and lived that week as three sisters. Connecting with the powerful environment, waterfalls, and the feminine energy we shared,  I felt truly reset in my entire system and including my fertility was peaking. 

Salt,  a water-soluble mineral and bonding element made by the natural exchange of "give and take". The structure of salt is held together by the attractions between opposed charged ions, where one gives and the other receives. Born from the act of reciprocity, Salt is the origin of life itself with the capacity of regenerating itself over cycles. It regulates es all fluids inside our body and all earth fluids. Brine is the result of the return of the water to the sky through evaporation, forming a crust or foaming solution by the ocean or salt lakes.  The brine solution is used to purify, preserve, season,  de-Ice, and soften the water.

As Brine, I was touched by light and water flows I was being prepared to host new life inside of my womb. 

The movement resources happened activating my body memory. It was the first time I try a dance on almost blackout beach, but somehow I felt very confident to stand and move space and soft sandy ground, experimenting, and falling. Still in the dark, I moved with a solar panel rechargeable lantern in a diamond shape,  called Little Sun created by the artist Olafur Eliasson. With this light, I draw lines into space. The Water rhythmically moving downwards and sideways with its strength, cold temperature, and fluidity. The rising sun with an uplifting force,  in subtle touch, giving its qualities of constancy, penetration, warmth, sharpness, and transformation.  The water invites us to play around, but in fact, is a challenge to keep standing in it without fall or be immersed. The water takes all.  The feeling of purple light touching every surface of sand and water and reaching my skin, reflecting in the sequins, a mother of pearl.  I feel fortunate to be able to experience this preparation and allow it to happened in time and space. I was truly opening up for it, just like a flower blossoming with the colors of the dawn coming after a long and cold night. Becoming a mother was never a fixed goal or plan, but It arrived as a call at the moment that happened. And I heard it intuitively until became conscious. 

A week later, I met my husband in Rio, and he surprised me on a trip to  Lumiar for our seven years marriage celebration and exact eleven together. During the car trip, we listened to Jardim dos Deuses by Joyce and Nana Vasconcelos. At this moment I pronounce Lumiar and new, she was coming as the morning light of dawn. 

On the day we conceived, I danced in gratitude under the rain, realizing I was being prepared to become a mother. 

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