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What we care about:

process, property, material, relationships, creative economy, sustainability, zero waste, reverence to nature, human being well, and doing good. 

What we appreciate:

Art & craftsmanship,  intimacy, slow down, efficiency, coherence,  comfort, reverence to nature in all aspects, silence, movement, and pauses. 

A capsule contains a substrate or a remedy, it travels through time or holds an important message.


Capsule Gallery and Shop is all of the above and more to discover.  

Rethinking habits of consumption, offering some fragments of time, telling stories of who makes it. 

We wish to offer a new way to see and reframe consumption, with a rhythm of exchanges and reciprocity with the environment.

All our objects are carefully curated by a team of contributors. We are dedicated to a space of trust and exchange, where artists and artisans are seen within the process creating objects embuing blueprints of regenerative practices to oneself, the collective, and the planet. 

We offer intimacy beyond the virtual space, supported by our GalleryTeam.  If you have plans to include any of the selected objects in the shop or gallery in your space or for a special celebration, please book a free session to receive special support from  The Art of Placement. 


Our Ethical Code:​

All objects displayed in the gallery and shop are capsules containing extracts of time, love for the crafting, and creativity of human hearts to serve the community. 

We see property beyond possession. When we acquire an object, we call it to support our relationship with life and its elements. The inanimate object is shaped crystallized temporal form in relation to space and time, alive by the experience we establish with it. Each structure of form has a pattern or a vibrational field, and that may carry remedies when used with the right intention. As we establish, neither attachment nor aversion, the art of living becomes alive in reflection as an attitude of reverence to all manifestations of life. 

We are a collective that celebrates collaboration with the purpose of recreating systems that can support the process of regeneration of individuals and the ecosystem.  In the hand-crafts a process of fair exchange returning to a rhythm of the heart. 


We seek perfection without being the ultimate goal of the process: embracing time imprints, the challenges of our local circumstances, and available materials, and harmonizing imperfections in the way we choose to do looking for coherence, balance, and sustainability. 

Capsule Gallery is made by a team of contributors who are dedicated to offering a message of a regenerative process through Art and practices. Our products are developed by local communities, individual artists, or collectives from BRAZIL and USA.  

We wish to offer to our clients, intimacy beyond a virtual space. If you have plans to include any of our pieces in your home space, ritual, business space, or gift, please book a free consultation at Art of Placement with

K Sea Ya. 



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