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HELLO! My name is Kecia Felix Donnelly, but you'll probably know me as K Sea Ya. I am an interdisciplinary artist with a solid foundation in performance art, focused on self-knowledge and transformation in the social field through conscious individuals. On October 13th, I will be releasing my first single, "Crisálida," or " Chrysalis,"  part of the EP "Cantos para Transições" or  “ Chants for Transition”  on the digital stream platforms, followed by a music video directed by myself at my Youtube channel.


Why is "Crisalida" special?


Theme and Relevance: The single marks the debut of the release of my album “Cantos para Transições” in the process of development since 2023, with expected completion in 2025 and a sequence of bi-monthly and semi-annual releases on digital platforms and live performances. I explore in my compositions the theme of rites of passage in autobiographical as well as a current universal perspective and a calling for transitioning to "Interbeing" consciousness, which combines insights from deep ecology, living systems, and spiritual practices. "Interbeing" or "Interser" describes the idea that everything is interconnected and that nothing can exist independently. It is a perspective that emphasizes the interdependence of all phenomena and beings. "Cantos para Transições" includes eight singles and audiovisual material - video clips - This work is linked to the authorial series ORI or “ERI” (Eight Initiatory Rites) carried out between 2008-2020, and RIAA or RIAA (Rites of Initiation in the Axial Age) from 2021 to the present, and the practices of performance workshops Liminal Theater.

Musicality: "Crisálida" is my composition in my original language, Portugues from Brazil, embedded in a rich soundscape arrangement and production conducted by Caito Marcondes, known as the "Villa-Lobos of percussion." It combines elements from classical and popular music, making the song a musical exploration of original Brazilian and classical rhythms.

Release calendar and updates on Instagram /K_sea_ya

  • October 5th - Live pre-launch with Joāo Amorim, artist feat. // on Instagram/K_sea_ya

  • October 12 - Live with Caito Marcondes, producer and arranger// on Instagram/K_sea_ya

  • October 26 - Live with Paulo Klein, Art Curator project O. R. I //

  • Tratore Distribuidora is releasing the EP.

  • Site:

  • Spotify: K Sea Ya

  • Social Media Instagram @K_Sea_Ya // @artcura_lab // @artcura_capsule 

full bio 

Assessor press release: Iris Marini//E-mail:|

Telephone Whatsapp: +5521 99778-9561

Composition: K Sea Ya

Voice: K Sea Ya; Feat: João Amorim

Musical Production: Caito Marcondes

Arrangements and percussion: Caito Marcondes

Quartet cords: Quadril quarteto de cordas - Alice Bevilaqua e Mica Marcondes nos violinos; Elisa Monteiro na viola e Denise Ferrari no violoncelo

Transversal Flute: Shen Ribeiro

Recording: Estúdio Lunik por Danilo Aurélio

Mix and mastering: Estúdio Reference por Homero Lotito


EP Cover:

conception: K Sea Ya

Art design: Louise Prates

capa musica_canto para as 8 transicoes_alta.jpg
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