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12  Hrs


" Can you let your body become supple as a newborn child’s?
        Can you cleanse your inner vision until you see nothing but the light? "

( Lao Tzu)


When I reflect on my stay in Kecya’s guest room-installation, the first memory that arises is the way my dreams became more vivid and profound when I slept. The depth of my sleep was like freshwater for the mind. It was as if my mind had just bathed in a clear crystal pool and showered under a waterfall. The room itself emphasizes the formless spaciousness of sky. Light is channeled and refracted by little sculptures made by crystallized salt and glass. Then, depending on where the sun is throughout the day, the light does a delicate dance on the skyscape colors throughout the room. The blue colors provoke warm ease throughout my body. Overall, it was a sensorial immersion that inspired in me an experience of formlessness through artistic form.

(Whitney Reed, a guest at Salt Garden Room in SF)

The reading reality with your multi-sensorial instrument


 Be my guest for an individual day or overnight immersion at Casa de Lumi Art Residency in Mill Valley, CA. An invitation to withdraw into your body, from the business of the world. The immersion is guided towards the exploration of sensory self-awareness, supported by an art installation conceived to entice your senses, activating insights, deep states of relaxation, and discovery.

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