Artcura Incubator:

Wōōm Program, Co-Initiating

The second season of the Incubator begins with the Wōōm program, the co-initiation of a creative interdisciplinary network that nurtures the connection between members, facilitating a collaborative constellation.

Co-initiation opens the door of connection and unfolds in three more cycles that evolve to prototyping, testing, and feedback of innovative proposals. The Incubator supports projects that unite experimentation to integral and regenerative values.


Inspired by the Theory "U" proposed by the Presencing Institute MIT Massachusetts Institute of Technology, transition dynamics are facilitated from the principles of presence and mindfulness, accessing connection from perception and insight.

In this first container, participants share in practice Empathic and Generative listening, revealing intentions and experiencing Co-sensing, identifying connection blockages, and the doorways to inner potentials such as curiosity, compassion, and open will. The Liminal Theater is a creative journey that catalyzes an initiatory healing process and offers a passport for successive cycles. 

​What you get from the Wōōm program

  • Interact in a virtual place to connect with a creative, interdisciplinary, global community. 

  • Complete translation of content in Portuguese - English

  • Transmission by mentors of Integral Philosophy and ecosystemic. 

  • Deepening in Empathic-Generative Listening.

  • A Journey to the Liminal Theater.

  • Support on mindfulness practices. 

  • Additional materials and bibliographies.

  • Access to the member's area "Network of Lights."

  • Access to WhatsApp groups 

  • Seven meetings via Zoom with videos recorded 

  • Invitations to be part of virtual and in-person meetings.


     Calendar of meetings

  • on Fridays, from 12 PM to 2 PM Pacific Daylight Time/(16hs -18hs Brasilia Time). 

  • Wōōm 2022: April 1,15 / May 6,20 / June 3,10,17

  • "Baptism in the Liminal Theater" is an online event among all participants of all Co-initiation cycles scheduled for the end of the year 2022.  

  • A bi-monthly meeting between all members of the network will be proposed