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The sounds, the scent, the sunlight playing through the leaves steaming fresh fragrance in the blue haze pure fresh air.


Bathing in the forest atmosphere can restore health, recalibrate mood, boost energy levels, and bring more vitality to the body. 

 next season 2021 ​- April- May


What is

Terpene Bathing is a practice-oriented lab, aligning contemplation and creativity with the regenerative benefits of forest bathing.  Bridging the gap between us and the natural environment,  we propose an immersive methodology to promote reorientation and restoration of creative potentialities from the source with the understanding of our relationship of reciprocity with the environment we live in. We facilitate a space for deeper exploration of individual creative aspects, fostering a relationship with the land and natural resources. 

The healing aspects come with the process of connection; allowing embodiment through sensorial capacities of perception and response to the environment. An integral seeing in a restorative modality to guide the creative flow and meaningful insights. From multiple invitations along the path, the relationship reveals in improvisational dance and in a conversation between the environment, individual, and group participants. 


This Lab is designed for individuals, groups, and anyone who wishes to nurture or restore health and deepen their relationship with the environment, rediscovering new creative aspects and possibilities.  
Groups are a maximum of 6 people per program. 

The two-day workshop lab includes the following practices:
On the first day, we invite you to walk a trail and be immersed in a specific site where through a forest bathing mode we will enter a sensory exploration with a movement response, ending our process by gathering resource material, and sharing conversation with tea. 
On the second day, you join a workshop lab to apply your creative response. We going to share what you've learned from the first day and design/assemble a final Biophilia Artwear piece and create a gift pack you can gift to yourself or to someone you love.  

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