accompanying your process 

 promoting reflection and inner vision

provoking new ways of thinking 

growing in your potential

integrating regenerative practices to daily routine

Harvesting lessons and applying with authenticity

Layer upon Layer, Kecya Felix weaves the plan, the art, the rite of love, of reified life.

(...) Before taking off to other flights, Kecya delivers the juice of the fruit of the new art.

For 30 years, I have been dedicated to creating artistic and sustainable clothing. When I needed to improve this language to grow structurally, Kecya was instrumental in the entire process of cutting edges and building this new phase. Her mentoring in all creative stages of my work has opened up a broader understanding of the paths I can take, and how I travel to reach new possibilities.


I have worked with Kecya in a variety of art projects including Cellula Lab, I am a Homaker Exibit,  and with Anna Halprin Lab performance group.  I feel inspired by her attention/presence, her unique qualities, and her commitment. I leave our time together refreshed, feeling listened to, and with many questions & curiosities in my mind. I have also witnessed the ways that her art infiltrates every part of her life, her home, being a mother, hosting celebrations, integrating ancestry, cooking, and more. I am grateful she is in my life and hope our collaborations and conversations continue on for many years.


 I was one of the cross-cultural artists invited to participate in Embryo Lab in 2016. In this project, I collaborated and received Kecya's mentoring in the Artcura process, integrating it into a final exhibition. Kecya has the creativity and language to tackle problem-solving. She has been a strength for me when I need a friend and a great professional when I need an advisor. Kecya has natural healing power, from which she is instinctively aware of other people’s emotions, fragilities, and potentials. She has the eagle's eye for the soul and an affectionate way to touch our hearts. Kecya is my muse and the reason why I am today successfully enrolled in my Masters's degree program in Intermedia Arts, where I was awarded the Ana Mendieta fellowship and a Trustee Tuition scholarship.

Zodiac Chart

Louise Prates, life coach and astrologist

Over the past ten years, I have had the opportunity to collaborate on various projects with Kecya. What became clear was a penetrating focus on the essential, without losing a broad view of the creative process. Her clarity and power of synthesis facilitate the encounter with an authentic language, pointing to our experiences as the nutrition for creativity that acts as an answer to life's challenges. This careful guidance enables creative elaboration to occur in connection with insight, directing, and coordinating the external manifestation of these ideas with an intimate and transpersonal narrative.